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  • A 180 Degree Change - Antheney’s Story

  • Apprentice Buyer

Posted: 31 January 2023

Knowing he wanted to work in the construction industry, Antheney was on the verge of starting a Surveying Degree at University, until he discovered HMS’ Procurement and Supply Chain Apprenticeship.

Giving Antheney an insight into the sector, a qualification and experience of working on commercial sites and contracts, he felt an Apprenticeship offered him much more than a degree.

“I was really interested in the Apprenticeship as I had always wanted a career as a surveyor – or something similar – and felt that this would give me the opportunity to explore a number of opportunities and decide what was best for me long term,” Antheney said.

“I saw the benefits an Apprenticeship gave me – above and beyond what a degree could – and working at HMS, I have already learnt so much.”

Working with HMS’ Warehouse Team, Antheney has plays an important part in sourcing materials for all of HMS’ construction sites, liaising with Suppliers and Site Managers to ensure projects run smoothly and can be delivered on time.

Continuing, Antheney said: “Visiting sites is my favourite part of the job as it has taught me what Site Team’s need and how to work with Suppliers to develop packages tailored to the needs of different projects and teams. It’s also shown me the importance of developing good working relationships with different teams and people to ensure we get the job done.

“I’m now a year into my Apprenticeship and I’m glad to say that it was definitely the right choice for me! With HMS growing and growing, there’s always something to do and learn thanks to the new opportunities that keep coming through the doors. This experience definitely sets an Apprenticeship apart from a degree and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me another year from now.”

With the opportunity to complete a Level 4, 5 and even 6 Apprenticeship, Antheney is looking into achieving a degree-level qualification with HMS in the coming years, continuing his career and training in the sector he always wanted to be part of.


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