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  • Changing Careers & Following a Family Legacy – Ian’s Story

  • Apprentice Gas Engineer

Posted: 09 January 2023

Working as a Solicitor for over 6 years, Ian completely changed his career path after he was Furloughed during the COVID-19 pandemic and pursued a Gas Apprenticeship with HMS.

Discussing his Apprenticeship, Ian said: “I come from a family of Gas Engineers with my Dad, Brother and Uncle all in the industry so when I was Furloughed and subsequently made redundant from my role as a Solicitor, I started working with my Dad and helping him fix people’s boilers and install heating systems.”

After 18 months working with his Dad, Ian started to look into gaining his qualifications. Ian continued: “Gaining the necessary qualifications to be a Gas Engineer is very expensive, so I started looking into Apprenticeships and different ways I could become fully qualified.

“I wanted to work with HMS as it’s such a vast company, and one that is regarded so highly, so when I was offered the only Gas Apprenticeship available, I was over the moon! As I am slightly older than some Apprentices, HMS’ support has enabled me to progress thorough my Apprenticeship really quickly and in only a year, I am nearly done and only have about 4 months left to go.

“I’m really loving my Apprenticeship and working at HMS as it has already given me loads of opportunities to learn and develop.”

Working with HMS’ high-skilled and qualified Gas Team, Ian is providing a vital service to customers across Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington, fixing radiators, heating systems and boilers and keeping people’s homes warm.

“I’m enjoying the work and as I have a lot of experience, I get the chance to work with a number of different teams and people – which is great as everyone is so lovely and helpful. I’m so happy to be completing my Apprenticeship at HMS and it is already exceeding the expectations I had for it – I now can’t wait to be fully qualified and hopefully working at HMS as a full time Gas Engineer in no time.”


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