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  • Finding the Perfect Fit – Adam's Story

  • Apprentice Quantity Surveyor

Posted: 28 December 2023

Joining HMS in a role he wasn’t completely happy in after completing his Business Management degree, Adam wasn’t looking for a new opportunity, that is, until one fell into his lap.

After supporting the Commercial Team on an ad-hoc basis with admin, Adam was offered the opportunity to start a degree that would see him become a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor (QS). However, at the time he didn’t feel it was right for him and continued on the Masters course.

“At the time, I didn’t think being a QS was for me and I was happy enough doing the job I was doing, while completing my Masters. But, thanks to the Commercial Manager, I changed my mind when he showed me exactly what I could achieve with an apprenticeship and where I could end up. Also, the Masters I was doing at the time, wasn’t exactly right for me, so it felt like too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“I’m now four years into my apprenticeship and heading up a number of Voids projects for several Clients and really enjoying it. It’s funny looking back at my 6 years with HMS now and where I’ve ended up versus where I started. I’ll always be grateful that HMS took a chance on me and supported me to find and stick with a career I enjoy.”


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