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  • Sparking a Career Change – Ben's Story

  • Apprentice Electrician

Posted: 03 January 2024

After working as a HMS Scheduler for two years, Ben gained a great insight into what Electrician’s across the business do, day in, day out, to support customers in their homes. This then sparked a desire for a career change he wasn’t expecting...

“I had worked in similar roles for a number of years and had never even thought about becoming an Electrician, but after starting at HMS and learning more about what they did, the more I wanted to do it and become a qualified Electrician.

“I saw just how much of a difference HMS made to customers' lives and wanted to do that myself. I wanted to get stuck in and get things done on the ground, but I never thought I’d get the chance.” However, after the HMS Apprenticeships opened up, Ben took the plunge and applied. Changing the course of his career forever.

“I’m so happy I applied – I think it’s important to challenge yourself – and although people think I’m ‘brave’ for switching up my job, I just love learning something new and trying something different.

“My apprenticeship is brilliant and everything I expected, and I can’t wait to be working directly with customers. I’m also excited about the opportunities it will give me. There’s so many innovative technologies and solutions coming onto the market and I’m looking forward to learning more about those and seeing where my training takes me! So far, I’m loving my apprenticeship and would recommend anyone giving it a go. If there’s something you want to try, just do it, you won’t regret it!”


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